Organizational Outcomes

The organizational learning and professional development you gain in Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership will have a tremendous positive impact on:

  • The capacity of your organization to raise funds for its programs and become financially sustainable
  • The passion, commitment and effectiveness of your staff
  • The relevance and usefulness of your board
  • The level of trust and accountability in your organization

In addition to the above (see Measurable Value/Return on Investment and Organizational Takeaways), there are many other organizational outcomes you can expect to see in your nonprofit after Transform, such as:

  • Expansion and diversification of resources as you develop a fundraising strategy that incorporates a wider array of both traditional and non-traditional fundraising techniques
  • A more cohesive team of staff who are bound together by improved strategic planning and the clearly communicated core values, mission and vision of your organization
  • An entrepreneurial, action-oriented, ‘can-do’ culture where staff believe in their capacity to innovate, make things happen and bring in tremendous results for the organization
  • Improved internal communication between and within departments and improved relationships with key board members
  • The building of a ‘second line of leadership’ of dedicated executive staff to support the Executive Director
  • Focused, directed staff guided by a disciplined organizational culture where your organization’s most important priorities determine the everyday tasks, not the other way around
  • Efficient staff meetings that leverage time-saving processes you employ to ensure staff are working productively toward the organizational mission
  • Improved budgeting and financial accounting procedures that are aligned with organizational goals

Contact CSL if you are interested in setting up a Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership for nonprofits in your region, focus area or funding area.