Measurable Value/Return on Investment

Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership’s proven methodology has demonstrated that you will be
able to immediately apply the leadership and tactical skills you learn in Transform toward managing a high-performance
nonprofit organization.

  • Some specific, concrete ways in which you will recuperate the costs of Transform are:
  • The fundraising techniques you will learn in Transform will enable you to raise at least 5 to 10 times more funds than the actual cost of your participation in Transform.
  • You will save tens of thousands of dollars in strategic planning costs. After completing Transform you will have a complete set of strategic planning templates to personally facilitate a Board retreat and create a strategic plan without the help of an external consultant who charges anywhere from $10,000 – $75,000.
  • You will experience less staff attrition, including reduced turnover among executive staff who will be able to more effectively manage program and administrative staff, including ‘difficult employees’.
  • You will save thousands of dollars in organization development consulting fees and hundreds of valuable hours you used to spend ‘reinventing the wheel’ now that you have both upgraded your knowledge of organizational development and gained access to a peer network of other nonprofit directors whom you can consult with when faced with future organizational challenges.
  • You will create an enhanced culture of self-awareness, honesty and self-management that permeates throughout your organization and reduces the human resource costs of micro-management and lengthy performance reviews.
  • You will be able to facilitate effective board meetings and create board committees where work actually gets done and, yes, board members actually raise funds for the organization.

Contact CSL if you are interested in setting up a Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership for nonprofits in your region, focus area or funding area.