The Transform Continuous Learning Community

There is only so much that any person can retain after a multi-day conference. So many of us have experienced this: going to a training conference; raising our hopes and expectations that we will truly make a change and do things differently when we return to our offices; and dejectedly discovering after six months that nothing has changed.

The Transform Continuous Learning Community:

  • 1 Prepares you for the conference two months beforehand
  • 2 Provides follow-up training for six months afterwards
  • 3 Provides online resources and networking for many years to come

How does this all work? Here’s what you receive, in addition to the three days of live training at George Washington University, when you participate in Transform:

Preparatory and Follow-up Webinars

There will be 4 two-hour video webinars – two with CSL’s President and leadership trainer, Anthony Silard, and two with CSL’s Best Practices Leaders – before and after the live training. There will be a webinar in each of the two months preceding the live training at George Washington University and three webinars during the six months following it. During this additional 8 hours of leadership and management training, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the specific challenges you are facing in your organization. New nonprofit leadership training material will be covered in each webinar.

Sharing of Best Practices of Nonprofit Leadership

Join a vibrant, mutually supportive community in which you will share Best Practices of Nonprofit Leadership with other nonprofit senior leaders in a variety of areas, including strategic planning, leadership, navigating the Board Chair-ED relationship, managing staff, fundraising, financial management, board development and volunteer management. (Examples of some shared best practices.)

Recorded Videos to Replicate the Trainings in Your Organization

In case you miss any of the live webinars, you will receive a recorded version. (You will also receive video recordings of the plenary sessions during the live training at George Washington University.) You will be able to use all of the video recordings of leadership sessions to “take the lessons home” and train your staff and board in fundraising, strategic planning and other nonprofit leadership and management issues.

Continuous Coursework and Homework Assignments

You will be sent five books on leadership, fundraising and social marketing as soon as you sign up for Transform. There will be homework assignments from these books in the two months preceding and the six months following the live training at George Washington University. These assignments will be optional. As with any training program, you will “get out of it what you put into it.”

Online Networking and Sharing of Best Practices

From the moment you sign up for Transform, you will join our online learning and networking community of nonprofit directors, which will include all other Transform participants and alumni. You will receive a contact list of all the other nonprofit directors in your Transform cohort, and will be able to network with, seek advice from and share best practices with all participants and alumni at any time once you join the Transform network.

A few sample questions/discussions pulled from past Transform alumni online dialogues:

  • “Anyone have any advice about dealing with a difficult board member who doesn’t pull their weight?”
  • “I need to talk with someone about how to put on a special event for our donors.”
  • Can anyone tell me their experience with donors’ expectations on overhead costs in their annual budget?

Organizational Health Assessment Tool

One month before the live training at George Washington University, you will be sent CSL’s Organizational Health Assessment Tool. You will answer the revealing questions in this Excel program to assess the health of your nonprofit in fundraising, financial management, strategic planning, human resource management, board development and other areas. Six months after the live training you will use this tool once again, and CSL will assess for you both the areas you have made improvements in over the previous seven months and those you still need to work on.

Strategic Planning Tool

The Strategic Planning Tool is a combination of a resource video and strategic planning templates that will enable your organization to have all the necessary tools at its disposal to create a Strategic Plan without the assistance of an external (and usually very expensive) consultant. This tried-and-true model will enable you to bring your board and key leadership staff together to set compelling goals and then work consciously toward them.

Activity vs. Recovery Work-Life Balance Tracking Tool

The Activity vs. Recovery Work-Life Balance Tracking Tool will help you track the way you spend the hours of your day so you can detect the leverage points that will enable you to make significant changes to your schedule, integrate an activity/renewal regimen, and find more work-life balance.

Human Resources Management Tool

The Human Resources Management Tool will help you find the balance between flexibility and control in your personal management style. It includes the following Human Resources Management resources

  • 1 The Goal-Strategy Template – a breakthrough HRM model that enables you to engage your employees in transformational rather than transactional dialogues around the strategic achievement of goals.
  • 2 The pre-release chapter from Anthony Silard’s new leadership book about how to become a flexible leader.
  • 3 The Learning Agenda (for employees to determine their own professional development/learning strategy to enhance performance).

Contact CSL if you are interested in setting up a Transform – Certificate of Executive Nonprofit Leadership for nonprofits in your region, focus area or funding area.