The 8 Strategies of Effective Team-Building

Create a Highly Motivated, High-Performance Team

Think back to the best experience you ever had in your life on a team. What made that team function so well? Now for the sobering question:

Why is it that the team you are currently on is not nearly as fun
or effective as the team you remember from earlier in your life?

In this session, you will learn not only the key characteristics of an effective team, but also the most common mistakes leaders make when trying to build an effective team that derail their best-laid plans. Based on current research from business, politics, nonprofits, athletics, journalism and other fields, we will examine the strategies that enable teams to create “peak experiences” for their members, and the strategies that kill morale and make team members want to defect.

You will take a fresh look at your team and come up with immediately actionable strategies to revitalize team spirit in your organization and create a high-performance team.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to:
  • 1 Discuss the differences between effective and ineffective teams.
  • 2 Identify the qualities of high-performing teams.
  • 3 Distinguish what teams look for in each other and in their leaders.
  • 4 Discuss how teams derail and the role of the leader in helping them become effective again.
  • 5 Understand the role of empathy in developing teams.

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