Organizational Development

Identify the Current Stage of Organizational
Development of Your Nonprofit and Then Determine
Optimal Strategies for Future Growth

Got passion, need systems? Or got systems, need passion? Is your nonprofit a small, informal organization where a few passionate people are chaotically doing everything and job descriptions are non-existent? Or is it a larger, formal organization with concrete job descriptions and a high level of bureaucracy, processes and procedures?

CSL will help you understand the growing pains that prevent most nonprofits from making this leap, including the "Bermuda Triangle of Organizational Development." You will learn – based on CSL’s research of surveys of thousands of nonprofit executives – which leadership qualities are most critical in each type of organization. You will also learn how your nonprofit can adopt a necessary level of bureaucracy without stifling passion and innovation. CSL will share with you common challenges nonprofits experience in recruiting and motivating staff, resource and board development, strategic planning and financial management based on their size and number of years in operation.

This session will enable you to assess the current stage of organizational development of your nonprofit, and to determine strategies you can employ moving forward to avoid some of the common pitfalls experienced by other nonprofit organizations in similar stages of development.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to:
  • 1 Identify various stages of nonprofit organizational development.
  • 2 Discuss the challenges associated with various levels of organizational development.
  • 3 Distinguish how nonprofits often derail during distinct organizational life stages.
  • 4 Identify and discuss issues of staff and volunteer motivation and how they evolve over time.
  • 5 Differentiate between adopting necessary versus excessive bureaucratic processes that facilitate organizational growth.

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