Effective Communication with Donors

How to Interact with Donors to
Raise Funds for Your Organization
(includes How to Launch a Major Donor Campaign)

CSL's primary definition of leadership is ‘the capacity to develop and sustain multiple key relationships toward a common purpose.’ In other words, leaders build relationships toward common goals. How do nonprofit leaders communicate with others, including donors? What sets them aside from the average communicator?

In this workshop, you will learn how to refine your skills as a compassionate leader who makes others feel appreciated and respected and also drives the initiative forward toward tremendous results. You will also learn how to speak with a voice of authenticity, passion and conviction that inspires others, including donors. You will learn how to convey what you have to say – via both written and verbal communication – within the context of what donors relate to and understand so every word counts.

Finally, you will learn how to hold your anxiety when others disagree with you, build synergy whenever possible, and use your communication skills to move the organization toward its mission and long-term goals.

Session Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to:
  • 1 Discuss the critical steps to developing the necessary relationships to raise funding through highly developed communication skills.
  • 2 Identify and design a letter of intent/introduction and the critical components of a funding proposal.
  • 3 Identify and describe how to launch a major donor campaign.
  • 4 Utilize principles of social psychology to interact with and persuade donors to give to a social cause.
  • 5 Identify and discuss the social cues of nonverbal communication and how they can be utilized to interact with donors.

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