Compassionate Communication Testimonials

The Compassionate Communication workshops definitely affected my philosophy of what it takes to be an effective communicator. It showed me there is still a long way to go for me to consider myself a good communicator. Also that good communication strategies can really help in your communication style and you need to open your mind to alternatives…I have tried to have more empathy with my communication partners and try to reflect and understand their side as well, following some of the strategies suggested.

— Andres Baquero, World Bank

I like how the Compassionate Communication workshops are designed to be very interactive. It went straight to the point by skipping all the lectures and went straight to the practice. That’s the part I liked most…Tony has a unique personal character/style that creates an atmosphere that is warm, relaxed and casual. The way he speaks and interacts with others makes people willing to open up and be honest during the workshop. The Compassionate Communication workshops affected my philosophy of what it takes to be an effective communicator. To be an effective communicator, you first need to listen and understand the needs of the others. That’s how you win other people and make them more willing to listen to your needs. After that, you will be able to work out the different and conflicting needs.

—Tan Mongkolpla, George Washington University

I was not planning on attending the workshop because there was too much going on in my life. Work was really hectic and I had a deadline coming up. But once I got to the class I realized it was more relaxing to be there, spending sometime focusing on myself, rather than being at home worrying about all that I had to do.

— Francyni Salido, World Bank

Tony’s facilitation for me was authentic, skilled, vulnerable, accessible. I believe he modeled compassionate, empathic listening. Specifically, I observed his sensitivity to participants’ needs and struggles and he was able to diffuse what I perceived to be potentially dangerous and painful exchanges. He did this with skill and grace….I find myself being very rigid with the structure of communication and I liked Tony’s flexibility and the inclusion of other ways to say the same things. I felt a “looseness”, “softer edges”, a less demanding approach which helped me see more usefulness in this process…. It was a great experience and I look forward to my own continuing practice and future opportunites to work with Tony. I am already seeing that I am more in the moment, more conscious of my feelings and needs. It’s exciting!

— Andrea Gerson

I like the fact that Tony gave personal examples, which were helpful, and showed him as real, willing to show his vulnerability, as well as his astute knowledge of what creates healthy communication. He has a lively presentation, interspersed with exercises, and a genuine love of what he teaches…I’m becoming more conscious of how much I assume, interpret, guess wrongly, etc. I’m also more aware of the person I communicate with, leaving blame and judgment out of most of it now. I do hope we will be able to continue with Tony’s help and start using what we have learned in Compassionate Communication in every day communication.

— Francoise Dubois

I found Anthony to be very open and caring abut our group of individuals. He was a very good listener and at the same time was able to keep us on target. I liked his openness and positive feedback. He also gave us some excellent quotes from sources that could help our compassionate communication in the future….I think I’ve always been a good listener, but now I’m affected in listening with more empathy as well as understanding my own feelings. Overall, I was very pleased to have had this opportunity.
Tony was an excellent leader .

— Norm Zelenko

Tony taught Compassionate Communication by example, which is the best teacher. He shared from his heart and helped to create a safe space for others to share. I like his gentle, supportive manner – clear and always caring. Tony was well-prepared and inclusive, open to suggestions but usually on target….Thank you for a most helpful and productive approach to a new way of communicating.

— Florence Zelenko

I experienced Tony as a very sensitive, authentic, and experienced group facilitator. He was patient, non-critical or judgmental, inclusive, positive, picked up on participants’ positive actions and rewarded them, allowed less confident members to join in or not, and never missed a teaching point. It is so important to me that [my partner] and I have this group to learn and grow in, that you build a trusting environment in the group. He has very little group experience and is slower to trust so it is important he feels he can trust the leader. I am very comfortable with your style and approach to Compassionate Communication, especially not being rigid, but flexible in its use. I loved the workshop. Come back soon!

— Judy Holden

I liked most that Tony was very including and remembered names and encouraged participation. He was non-critical and allowed people to flow without interruption. He was also not too dogmatic, and allowed departure from strict rules.
I found his overall approach helpful.

— Terry Holden

Tony has a wonderful way of expressing himself. He is a very good listener and seems to go right to the meat of the situation. I didn’t know what to expect, so all of this was new to me and it worked well. I would definitely like to learn more about it.

— Roz Karson Tol

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